Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Road Not Taken

We were snowshoeing in the area of Stevens Pass, WA. One of the fun bits of snowshoe hikes is that there's no trail. Rather, one can follow a trail or one can make a trail. We did some of both. In this case, we were making our own trail. The area in the photo is a little over an hour from Seattle on US Route 2 and around 4000 feet in altitude. It was a great day for a snowshoe hike - the weather wasn't too sunny (well, it was overcast, but not oppressively so), and the temperatures were in the upper 20's (Fahrenheit). There was a fresh layer of snow over a deep encrusted base. At the lunch stop, some of the guys dug a hole in the snow to see if it was suitable for building igloos. They went down about four feet, and the snow was fine. It was fun walking among the trees in the snow and it was very quiet. About all one could hear was my heavy breathing as I labored to keep up with the group...

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