Friday, February 10, 2006

Slip-sliding away

The good side of all that rain is: snow in the mountains. We went skiing at the Stevens Pass Ski Area on the afternoon of a recent football game. It was great. The day was sunny, as you can see to the right, the crowds were light, the snow was good, and the lift lines were brief. There was even plenty of seating and eating room (normally it's a struggle to find a place to sit).


Ham said...

So you can just drive to a ski slope in the morning? I'm jealous. Also, what's all this aboutskiing till 10pm?? The whole mountain, or just a couple of floodlit runs?

(oh yes, and thanks for reminding me to drop by, too ;-) )

scouter573 said...

Night skiing is limited to floodlit runs, but something like half are lit (that's a guess - I don't really know). Other area ski mountains are also half lit or better, at least the ones closer to the city.