Thursday, March 01, 2007

Only the Lonely

It has been an unusual winter in metropolitan Seattle.We're having a lot of snow. Yesterday (28 Feb 2007), we had about six inches fall overnight. It was only just about freezing, so the lower part is pretty sodden. The differences among locales is amazing. Nearby Bellevue got almost nothing - just a decorative dusting, while my backyard in Redmond got over six inches. We live on top of a hill in this hilly area, and the 100 feet of elevation (or so) was enough to turn rain and a little snow into snow and a little rain.

These folks must live up top on the hill, or over on the east side. They evidently ran into just a slight hitch last night as they tried to climb the hill in their cars and were forced to abandon them overnight. All but two of the cars had been claimed by this afternoon (about 20 hours of abandonment). I sure hope someone offered these folks rides.

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