Thursday, April 19, 2007


I find petroglyphs fascinating.
The oft ambiguous message comes across time to tell the puzzled observers an important message that has lost context. Many are timeless, but this one seems to speak of a square-rigged ship seen sometime in the last two centuries. The message is an obscure one for modern day viewers as it lies miles from the center of civilization and on the far edge of a rainforest, but the tale was important enough for the maker to invest hours of effort to create. Did it express wonder at the enormous ship? Pleasure at the cargo it brought? Or horror at the loss of a civilization?

Wedding Rocks near Lake Ozette, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA. April, 2007.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Seattle Warming

It has been a gradual change, but it has recently become clear that Seattle and the Puget Sound are warmer than they have been historically. As a result, our sailing habits have changed. As the polar bears have moved north, we have been able to shed much of the equipment that burdened us in the past. No longer do we require the tooth-resistant chain mail that makes swimming so difficult and is so awfully hard to maintain shiny in the salty air. Our tans develop better and a number of the local tanning salons have had to close up shop. The rumor is that Starbucks will stop selling hot coffee drinks to focus on iced rum drinks with little umbrellas. And I'll finally get to grow real tomatoes in my garden.